About 2.5 lol. It’s really not bad, except for when neither of us have gas money, which has been all summer so far. :/

I came up with 3.5 by mapquesting my city to a city that I found was 200 miles away from me and taking their advice, hahah. It was a lot of guess and check.

I am a 2 hour drive from a city that’s 110 miles away from me. Perhaps you are a very fast driver? (I’m a big fan of going exactly the speed limit. I think Oregonians in general are slowish drivers. We’re definitely intimidated by those Californians).

Ugh, I have a gas guzzler so that would be an issue too if we were that close. Plus taking lots of time off work. But I would do it to sit and Tumbl with her and like, hang out with the cat and watch a bad movie together.

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