me and my best friend are such hermits that sometimes it’s okay that we live 2,878 miles away from each other

i mean we skype and just sit there not talking for a few minutes at a time and then say things like “hey look at this thing on tumblr” and then instead of just turning our computers like we were able to do last year, we just send links

like it’s hard, ‘cause i miss her, and i am so excited to see her in 33 days,

but i think when it’s right it’s right, and that’s why it’s not so hard. we just make it work. 

we’re best friend soulmates, y’all.

and i’m feeling sentimental.

  1. little-lemon-princess said: Me and my best friend as well, although the distance is more like 200 miles than 2000 lol.
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